Photo of Skye Larsen and his wife
Wonderful wordloving wife
(Photo credit: @melissaleavittphoto)
Photo of a large tortie cat playing with a stuffed toy.
Foodloving tortie cat

I guess I’m all about baffling my teachers. My high school English teacher praised my papers but warned me not to pursue an English degree. Years later, I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing. Oops.

My junior high shop teacher gave me an A+ on our capstone project for the semester—he pulled me into his office and said he had no idea what my strange board game and laminated cards meant, but that he appreciated the effort. (Laminating saves grades, people!)

In the end, I couldn’t escape the careers that always mesmerized me. Like many creative folks will attest, the pull to create and to build is simply impossible to ignore.

So now I’m designing video games and tabletop games, editing and generating rulebooks, writing copy and content for websites, contributing to the creative communities I inhabit, and turning simple About Me pages into rambling soliloquies instead.

I live with my wonderful wordloving wife and our foodloving tortie cat in Utah.

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