I’ve written content for several years and about all sorts of companies. Here are a few links to my public articles. I’d be happy to send you some more examples, including website copy, on request—just send me a message.

I also edit rulebooks for games. Anyone who’s sat down to play their new board game knows that a solid rulebook will often make or break that experience. I offer two tiers of service, depending on what you need.

Proofreading – Your rules are in a good spot, and now all you need is a final check to make sure everything’s in order. I’ll look at grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting to check for consistency and accuracy. $0.01 per word. $15 minimum.

Developmental editing – You want help making sure your rulebook does exactly what it needs to. I’ll use both my game design experience and wordsmithing powers to give your future players a hand. I’ll help with wording, phrasing, and even the organization of your rulebook. I’ll include a free proofread after all changes are made to make sure you’re ready for print. (If you can send me a prototype or link me to your game on Tabletop Simulator, I can get a better read on your game.) $0.10 per word. $100 minimum.

“Skye was fantastic at rulebook editing.  Rulebooks are tough to get right. He has the right mix of stating things completely, but also succinctly.  He also did all the layout, so he was able to know how to get the most out of the available space.”

– Tim Fowers, designer of burgle bros and paperback

Finally, I also offer developmental services for tabletop games to help get games past the finish line. I’ve worked with some great publishers including Fowers Games and Uproarious Games.

I have experience with game balance, content creation, playtesting, and preparing files for prototypes and final prints. Because development work can vary so much from project to project, I don’t currently have a standing rate on my fees. Let’s talk through what you need and what your budget is, and I can give you a quote.

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